About US

Our Mission

At PLAY FANTASY, our mission is to provide the most engaging and fun, hub for all the sports fans.

Our Core Strengths

  • Designing entertaining & engaging Games.
  • Architecting systems that understand a Sports fan better day by day.
  • Building Games with clean & smooth User experience



Vijay Varma

Co Founder & CEO

Vijay comes with an extensive Gaming experience of more than a decade, with companies like Party Poker, Boss Media, Rummy Circle, Ultimate Games. Through his career, Vijay played crucial roles in designing, developing, producing and heading various successful gaming products like Poker, Rummy, Teen Patti, Sports betting etc. Since childhood, he has one or the other sports like cricket, badminton, ping-pong, swimming, racing etc in his daily routine. He also played for Hyderabad cricket association.

Being a hardcore gamer and sports person, Vijay is super committed to providing the most entertaining experience to every serious Sports Fan through PLAY FANTASY.


Abhishek Bharti

Co Founder & CTO

Abhishek graduated from NIT and started his career with Accenture. He was part of Rummy Circle, almost since it's inception, for over 10 yrs, before he co-founded PLAY FANTASY with Vijay in 2017. Other than being a serious technologist, he's a passionate musician, singer and a poet. With deep statistical insights on Cricket, he always had a good run in Fantasy Sports.

As the CTO, Abhishek's ultimate focus is to build the most Player centric Fantasy Sports club.